You Better Run, He’s Got a Gun

Tom Whitman is a private investigator. He was on his way to perform a neighborhood canvas yesterday when a semi-trailer truck on Highway 95 threw a small rock, which struck and cracked his front windshield. His insurance agent sends him over to a repair shop to have the windshield replaced.

Tom enters the crowded repair shop’s waiting room and finds a seat. He sits between an elderly gentleman and a beautiful young lady with long hair. The woman is reading a People’s magazine.

Tom wants to make conversation with the pretty lady. He smiles and asks, “The magazine you are reading, does it belong to the window repair company?”

Tom’s week starts out simple, but it gets more dangerous as the week goes on.

Carol is Missing

Steve Williamson kills his GOLD-DIGGING wife, Carol. He buries her on a friend’s farm. Steve uses his wife’s fake twelve-day road trip with Alice Samberg as his alibi his wife left town alive. Alice goes along with the fake road trip story.

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Hello there, my name is James Paul Ellison and I’d like to share a little bit about myself with you. I proudly served three years in the United States Army as a policeman. I was stationed in Germany for my tour. I then worked as a policeman in Miami Beach, Fl for eleven years. From there, I became a private investigator.

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48 Short Stories of a Private Investigator

48 Short Stories of a Private Investigator is about cases I worked on. I also tell a few short stories of my youth growing up. I worked surveillance and investigations when I owned my PI agency. The 48 stories are true. I just changed the names and locations.

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