Runaway Kid

I, JP Harrison was one of six children in a home run by a dictator of a Father. None of us boys could call our Father anything but, Sir. All of us grew up on our Dads mental and emotional abuse, except me. I kept running away from home.

The State of Alaska finally takes me away from my parents and makes me a ward of the State then ships me to California to a reform school called Karl Holton.

The Judge calls me, The Runaway Kid.

Carol is Missing

Steve Williamson kills his GOLD-DIGGING wife, Carol. He buries her on a friend’s farm. Steve uses his wife’s fake twelve-day road trip with Alice Samberg as his alibi his wife left town alive. Alice goes along with the fake road trip story.

Welcome to my site!

Hello there, my name is James Paul Ellison and I’d like to share a little bit about myself with you. I proudly served three years in the United States Army as a policeman. I was stationed in Germany for my tour. I then worked as a policeman in Miami Beach, Fl for eleven years. From there, I became a private investigator.

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48 Short Stories of a Private Investigator

48 Short Stories of a Private Investigator is about cases I worked on. I also tell a few short stories of my youth growing up. I worked surveillance and investigations when I owned my PI agency. The 48 stories are true. I just changed the names and locations.

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